I will be starting a research group at Rutgers University’s Department of Genetics in January 2020, and I anticipate hiring multiple postdoctoral researchers with expertise in population genetics, functional genetics, or evolutionary genetics. Projects will focus on:

  • Rainforest hunter-gatherer adaptive evolution, with a particular interest in cardiac evolution and links between height and heart disease,
  • Immunogenetics of malaria resistance in diverse human populations, and
  • Malaria and mosquito co-evolution with human and non-human primate hosts.

More detail will be posted on this site in the coming months, and positions will be advertised here and on Twitter (@bergeycm). If interested, please send me an email at christina.bergey@gmail.com. Additionally, candidates who would be interested in submitting an application for a postdoc fellowship on topics overlapping or adjacent to my research interests are welcome to reach out to discuss the possibility.

In the first few years, there will also be positions available for Ph.D. and undergraduate students who are interested in joining the lab. Thesis topics related to the above research as well as other questions in human and primate evolution would be suitable.