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Chiou KL, Bergey CM, Burrell AS, Disotell TR, Rogers J, Jolly CJ, & Phillips-Conroy JE. (Submitted). Genome-wide ancestry and introgression in a Zambian baboon hybrid zone.

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Chiou KL, Bergey CM, Burrell AS, Disotell TR, Rogers J, Jolly CJ, & Phillips-Conroy JE. (Submitted). Genomic signatures of extreme body size divergence in baboons.

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Bergey CM, Lukindu M, Wiltshire RM, Fontaine MC, Kayondo J, & Besansky NJ. (Submitted). Assessing the genetic connectivity of a highly diverse malaria vector using selected loci and islands.

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Harrison GF, Sanz J, Boulais J, Mina MJ, Grenier JC, Leng Y, Dumaine A, Yotova V, Bergey CM, Nsobya S, Elledge SJ, Schurr E, Quintana-Murci L, Perry GH, & Barreiro LB. (Accepted). Natural selection has contributed to functional immune response differences between human hunter-gatherers and agriculturalists. Nature Ecology and Evolution

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Rogers J et al. (including Bergey CM) (2019). The comparative genomics, epigenomics and complex population history of Papio baboons. Science Advances, 5 (1):eaau6947.

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Bergey CM, Lopez M, Harrison GF, Patin E, Cohen J, Quintana-Murci L, Barreiro LB, & Perry GH. (2018). Polygenic adaptation and convergent evolution across both growth and cardiac genetic pathways in African and Asian rainforest hunter-gatherers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115 (48):E11256-E11263.

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Wiltshire RM, Bergey CM, Kayondo JK, Birungi J, Mukwaya LG, Emrich SJ, Besansky NJ, & Collins FH. (2018). Reduced-representation sequencing identifies small effective population sizes of Anopheles gambiae in the north-western Lake Victoria basin, Uganda. Malaria Journal, 17: 285.

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Lukindu M, Bergey CM, Wiltshire RM, Small S, Bourke B, Kayondo JK, & Besansky NJ. (2018). Spatio-temporal genetic structure of Anopheles gambiae in the Northwestern Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda: implications for genetic control trials in malaria endemic regions. Parasites & Vectors, 11 (246).

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Chiou KL* & Bergey CM* (2018). Methylation-based enrichment facilitates low-cost, noninvasive genomic scale sequencing of populations from feces. Scientific Reports, 8 (1975).

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Miles A et al. (including Bergey CM) (2017). Genetic diversity of the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. Nature, 552, 96-100.

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Bergey CM, Phillips-Conroy JE, Disotell TR, & Jolly CJ. (2016). Dopamine pathway is highly diverged in primate species that differ markedly in social behavior. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113 (22):6178-6181.

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Burrell AS, Disotell TR, & Bergey CM (2015). The use of museum specimens with high-throughput DNA sequencers. Journal of Human Evolution, 79: 35-44.

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Pozzi L, Bergey CM, & Burrell AS (2013). The use (and misuse) of phylogenies in investigating primate behavior. International Journal of Primatology, 35 (1): 32-54.

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Bergey CM, Watkins A, & Arora P (2013). HippDB: A database of readily targeted helical protein-protein interactions. Bioinformatics, 29 (21):2806-2807.

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Bergey CM, Pozzi L, Disotell TR, & Burrell AS (2013). A new method for genome-wide marker development and genotyping holds great promise for molecular primatology. International Journal of Primatology, 34 (2): 303-314.

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Pickett SB, Bergey CM, & Di Fiore AF (2012). A metagenomic study of primate diet diversity. American Journal of Primatology, 74 (7):622-631.

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Bergey CM (2011). AluHunter: a database of potentially polymorphic Alu insertions for use in primate phylogeny and population genetics. Bioinformatics, 27 (20): 2924-2925.

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Jolly CJ, Burrell AS, Phillips-Conroy JE, Bergey C, & Rogers J (2011). Kinda baboons (Papio kindae) and grayfoot chacma baboons (P. ursinus griseipes) hybridize in the Kafue River valley, Zambia. American Journal of Primatology, 73: 291-303.

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Hodgson JA, Bergey CM, & Disotell TR (2010). Neandertal Genome: The Ins and Outs of African Genetic Diversity. Current Biology. 20 (12): R517-R519.

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